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Our Favorite Easter Wine Pairings

April 6, 2023 | Wine Pairings

With Easter weekend just a few days away, it’s about time to finalize your holiday meal menus, which means it’s time to find some Adams County Winery wines that pair perfectly with your dishes.

If you’re feeling stuck and struggling to prepare some pairings to please your guests’ palates, our winemaker Bernard has a few pairing suggestions to share with you.

Honey Glazed Easter Ham – Stray Cat Strut, Harvest Blend

Almost every Easter lunch or dinner is going to include an Easter Ham, which would pair well with our Stray Cat Strut or our Harvest Blend. The crisp, fruitiness of the Stray Cat Strut meshed well with the honey in the glaze of the ham and placates your palate pleasantly.

If you fancy red wines more than whites, Harvest Blend’s sweet, soft and refreshing blend pairs well with the honey glazing of the ham too.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Egg – Rebel Red

Almost all of us here at the winery hold this pairing in high regard, especially Bernard. When asked what made Rebel Red and a chocolate peanut butter egg (especially ones from Mr. Ed’s) such a good marriage, Bernard said that the bright, jammy flavors in the Rebel Red are reminiscent of biting into a fresh grape, “which takes you back to your childhood like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.”

He added that Rebel Red would also pair with any kind of chocolate or peanut butter-based dessert that you may be serving, such as a cake.

The MVP – Tears of Gettysburg

When you want a wine that can pair effortlessly with just about anything on your Easter menu, reach for a bottle of Tears of Gettysburg. You could pair Tears with your Easter ham, an Easter lamb or a chicken roast.

Additionally, Tears meshes well with your typical root vegetable sides and can be worked into almost any Easter menu!

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