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Pomme Glacée


Sweetness Level: Very Sweet

Done in the ice wine style. Rich and decadent notes of ripe apple, pear, white plum, and pie crust. 375 ml bottle*

*This is a smaller, half sized bottle.



Pomee Glacée is French and translates to iced apple or frozen apple. The wine is an equal blend of locally grown Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Fuji apples. The nose is very similar to a French hard cider from Normandie with deep, rich, ripe apple aromas but without the effervescence. Aromas of breadcrumbs or pie crust makes this wine a perfect match for apple and pumpkin pies. Due to the concentration of the juice, the aromas are delightfully bold and the brightness from the fresh apple pierces through the decadent sweetness to invigorate the mid palate and balance out the sugars from the fruit.

375ml bottle

Sweetness Level: Very Sweet