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ACW Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

April 25, 2023 | Holiday

Mother’s Day is right around the corner! If you haven’t found the perfect gift to celebrate Mom yet, we’ve got a few items here at Adams County Winery that we think she’d love:

Adams County Winery Wine!

If you’re browsing this website, odds are you’re a lover of Adams County Winery wine! We’re always happy to help to pair you with the perfect wine that Mom would enjoy the most on her special day.

We recently released two new sweet, seasonal wines, Peachy Bees and Cotton Candy Dreams, which are available at both our Farm Winery and downtown Gettysburg Wine Shop locations in addition to our online shop.

Rebel Red Candle

Rebel Red is a favorite for many of the guests who have visited the Farm Winery and Gettysburg Wine Shop over the years. If your mother is a fan of Rebel Red, what better gift to surprise her with than a gel candle housed in one of our wine glasses that smells exactly like her favorite Adams County Winery wine? Add a bottle of Rebel Red and you have a perfect pair of gifts that is sure to please Mom.

Adams County Winery Wine Opener

Does Mom always complain about how hard it is for her to get the corks out of her wine? We have corkers at the Farm Winery and Gettysburg Wine Shop that make uncorking your bottle of wine easy as can be. These corkers are the first choice of employees here at the winery when we need to open a bottle for our guests.

Hailey’s 5-in-1 Corker

If Mom doesn’t usually finish a bottle in one sitting, the perfect gift for her would be a Hailey’s Corker. Hailey’s Corkers have five attributes that make them our wine-stopper of choice here at Adams County Winery:

We carry Hailey’s Corkers at both our Farm Winery and Gettysburg Wine Shop locations.

With so many Mother’s Day gift options to choose from, stop by the winery and let us help you find that perfect gift!

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