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Wine Club

Adams County Winery offers an excellent discount program when you buy wine by the case! A case contains 12 bottles and can be mixed & matched. Want 6 Tears of Gettysburg, 3 Rebel Red, and 3 Rusty’s Red? Go for it! Want 11 Traveller and 1 Turning Point? Sure! Want 5 cases of Yankee Blue? Invite us over! The case club not only gives you discounts on your cases, but the more you purchase, the better the deal. Check out the details below and join today! Already a case club member? Check your emails from us or call the winery for the current coupon code to use when you order online.

Vintner’s Club

You automatically join the Vintner’s Club the first time you purchase a case of wine. 12 bottles, mix and match how you wish. Pretty easy, right? Right away you get 10% off the retail price of your first case!

After that, things only get better.

Next, you get 15% off the retail price of your second, third, and fourth cases.

When you purchase your fifth case of wine, you become a member of our Barrel Taster‘s Club – our most exclusive and rewarding wine club. If you have purchased 4 cases already, and are ready to purchase your 5th to become a Barrel Taster’s Club member, call us at 717-334-4631 for your special discount coupon code. Check out details on the Barrel Taster’s Club below:

Barrel Tasters Club

Once you’ve purchased your fifth case of wine, you are a part of the Barrel Tasters Club (BTC). Congratulations! We’re thrilled to have you as part of the club. Here’s your reward:

20% off the retail price of your fifth and all subsequent cases after that. – Wow!

Exclusive BTC wine each year – These are wines that aren’t sold to anyone else!

Invitation-only private Barrel Taster’s events including pre-releases for select seasonal wines.