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Wine List

White Wines

Traveler – dry  –   $19.99 / $8 glass
A delicate, dry blend of Chardonnay and Vidal with citrus overtones and a crisp finish.

Chardonnay – Vintner’s Reserve   –   dry   –     $24.99 / $10 glass
This Chardonnay was fermented and aged in French oak barrels, and was bottled unfiltered to preserve the wine’s balance and mouthfeel. Notes of walnut, caramel, citrus, lemongrass, and eucalyptus.

Seyval –   dry   –     $19.99 / $8 glass
This wine has complex notes of straw, ripe peach, and honeydew melon with a nice bite on the first sip.

Stray Cat Strut   – semi-sweet  –  $16.99 / $8 glass
A refreshingly crisp, fruity Catawba wine with hints of grapefruit. Perfect for any occasion.

Tears of Gettysburg   –   sweet  –     $16.99 / $8 glass
Our hallmark wine since 1988 is a smooth union of Vidal, Seyval, and Niagara.


Red Wines

Turning Point – Vintner’s Reserve   –   dry   –       $24.99 / $10 glass
Notes of freshly crushed wild berries and ripe red currant with aromas of leather, smoke and tobacco.

Harvest Blend  – Vintner’s Reserve – dry  –  $32.99 / $12 glass
A refreshingly crisp, fruity Catawba wine with hints of grapefruit. Perfect for any occasion.

Three Ships to the Wind   –   semi-sweet   –    $16.99 / $8 glass
This semi-sweet red blend is our most unique and makes a great sangria or mulled wine.

Rebel Red  –    sweet    –    $16.99 / $8 glass       *GUEST FAVORITE*
This sweet Concord blend is our most popular red wine. The taste resembles that of a freshly picked grape.

Rusty’s Red   –   sweet   –   $16.99 / $8 glass
Named in Honor of the winery’s V.I.P. (Very Important Pet), Rusty, the Golden Retriever. This is a sweet, fruity, and light blend of Steuben and Concord with pleasant, soft notes of wild berries and honey.


Specialty Wines

Razzberry Red – semi-sweet – $17.99 / $8 glass
A blend of Fredonia, fresh raspberries, and a hint of blackberry to create a bright and refreshing taste.

Scrapple – ‘spiced cranberry apple’  – sweet  –   $16.99 / $8 glass
Made from 100% local Adams County apples. A blend of crisp apples, cranberry, and just a touch of spice.

Boom Bop Lemon Drop – sweet – Shades of lemon candy cascade into hints of honey, enhanced by Diamond grapes. 16.99 / 8 glass

Yadda Yadda Pina Colada – sweet – Our twist on a summertime classic features waves of coconut and pineapples. 16.99 / 8 glass

Memory Lane – limited release, sweet – A complex, sweet blend with notes of apple, blueberry, and orange blossom. One of John and Katherine’s favorite blends from the last 25 years. 19.98 / 8 glass

Curious Cat – sweet  –  $18.99 / $8 glass
The perfect blend of Catawba and sweet blackberries.

Twisted Thicket  –   sweet   –    $19.99 / $8 glass
Sweet fruity blend of Concord, Niagara, and Blackberry.

Yankee Blue  – dessert style  –   $19.99 / $15 glass
100% blueberry dessert style wine. Made with 100% local blueberries.     375 ml bottle

Black Magic   – dessert style  –   $19.99 / $15 glass
100% blackberry dessert style wine. This blackberry wine is sweet, rich, and flavorful.  375 ml bottle