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Seasonal Wines

Introducing Goldie’s Apple Berry Bliss

Made with local Adams County apples and sweetened with strawberries, Goldie’s Apple Berry Bliss is the perfect homage to Goldie, Adams County Winery’s sweet and lovable golden retriever!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your seasonal wines available at wholesale locations?

Because of their limited quantities, we are unable to stock our small batch seasonal wines anywhere but our two winery locations for as long as supplies last. Sometimes we are able to provide a spring and fall seasonal wine for PA wholesale, so check your local Giant, or email us at vintner@adamscountywinery.com to see if we have any seasonal in stock!

Will there be a pre-release for the Barrel Taster's Club?

For many of our specialty wines, we have a special pre-release just for our Barrel Taster’s Club members. These are announced through our emails, so make sure you are opted in to receiving emails from the winery!

Are Seasonal Wines able to be shipped?

We do not typically ship our seasonal wines due to their limited quantity. If we are able to ship a specific seasonal wine, it will go up onto the website for orders about a week after it is released. Check out our “Shop” page to see all of the wines that are available to be shipped!